An Introduction to Career and
Technical Education

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Teaching Strategy

Teaching Tips
This site called “Teaching Tips” has a lot of day-to-day kinds of teaching tips

Evidence-based Practices
This site called “Instructional Strategies Online” provides a good overview of some evidence-based practices in teaching.

Differenctiated Instruction
This site provides information on “Differentiated Instruction” strategies

Content Enchancement Organizers
This site called “Learning Labs” provides information on computerized Content Enhancement organizers.

Model National Programs
This site provides information on model national programs related to best practices in teaching.

Service Learning
This site provides information “Service Learning as a Tool for Dropout Prevention”

ODE Division Career Technical Education
This link provides information from the Ohio Dept of Education about students with disabilities participating in Career-Tech

Bureau of Emplyment Statistics
This link provides access to the Bureau of Employment Statistics “Employment and Wage Estimates”