An Introduction to Career and
Technical Education

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Classroom Strategies for Mixed-Ability CTE

    Mixed Ability Classroom: the Challenge
    1. Create the learning environment
    2. Manage group and individual learning activities
    3. Manage differentiated assignments
    4. Grade differentiated products

    1. Create the learning environment
  • Everyone feels welcomed

  • Mutual respect is non-negotiable

  • Growth is the goal

  • Teachers and students collaborate for success

  • Teachers may co-teach to create more learning options

    2. Managing Learning Activities
  • Introduce the lesson using a graphic organizer
  • Provide study materials/guided notes
  • Compare and contrast key concepts to ensure foundational understanding
  • Break into small groups, practice pairs, and I.S.
  • Provide opportunities for students to move at their own place

    3. Quality Assignments
  • Plan

  • Pace

  • React
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